Help develop your child’s emotional intelligence with five bedtime stories on CD

Your 5 to 7-year-old can learn to deal with life’s challenges through these gentle hypnotic tales.

The next best thing to reading one-on-one with your child, Five Funny Critters will soothingly help your child learn valuable life skills through the power of story.

In today’s complex, busy world, it’s not easy to find the time and the right words to help your child deal with issues that he or she faces each day.

Your child (and maybe you, too) will enjoy:

Celebrating individuality
Dealing with differences
Interacting with others in a healthy way
Overcoming reluctance
Finding a new sense of optimism
Facing fears with confidence
Sleeping naturally
Learning new things

Your child will love Five Funny Critters and will be unaware that he or she is learning valuable skills that will serve him or her for years to come. Dr. John Dyckman’s engaging style combined with his original music creates a series that is sure to be listened to over and over again.

Your child will benefit by learning new age-appropriate skills. And you will benefit because your child is sure to relax and fall asleep!!!

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