Charles Roger Hargreaves and the Mr Men books

Charles Roger Hargreaves was born on this day in 1935!

“What does a tickle look like?”
This was the question asked by a six year-old boy of his father, one morning in 1971 that inspired Roger Hargreaves to create a little orange man with a big toothy grin, a blue hat and extraordinarily long arms. And so, Mr. Tickle, the first of the Mr. Men, was born!

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Today’s read – “Character is destiny”

Character Is Destiny : Inspiring Stories Every Young Person Should Know and Every Adult Should

“McCain’s latest volume uses biography as an illustration of virtue, but this time the senator broadens his palette significantly, telling 34 stories of heroes whose lives embody qualities ranging from honesty and loyalty to curiosity and enthusiasm. At the root of them all, he says, is a willingness to stay true to one’s conscience against all challenges.”

“Although he is reaching out to a younger readership, McCain’s plain but sincere language does not condescend to his audience.”