Healthy Food Portions and Choices for Your Kids

Cheese Puffs, Chocolate Cake, Soda Pop, and Milkshakes- Are These the Things Our Little Boys and Girls are Made Of? Do you remember the original Willy Wonka Movie? There is a scene where the winners of the Golden Tickets enter the fantastic world of Willy Wonka’s Factory to find every imaginable and unimaginable candy creation. Even the river is filled with melted chocolate. It is a place that every child’s candy is within reach.
But the kids that eat, and eat, and eat every sweet they pass end up with a problem and are eliminated from the contest. The only boy left is the one with self control who follows the directions. Now imagine being your child and going through every aisle in a grocery store and seeing all of the colorful and fun looking foods. Wow, I bet it is a bit like seeing all of those treats in Willy Wonka’s factory.   … more

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