Bouncing Balls and Geometric Series

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The introduction to this intriguing exercise and article begins “If a ball bounces an infinite number of times, it must take an infinite amount of time to finish bouncing!” This piece appeared in The Journal of Online Mathematics and Its Applications in May 2007, and it was authored by Robert Styer and Morgan Besson of Villanova University. This particular article and its accompanying teaching module “explore the time and distance of a bouncing ball and leads to a study of the geometric series.” Along with the actual article, this site also includes a video clip and several interactive Flash mathlets. It’s a fun way to get students thinking about geometric series, and mathematics educators will definitely want to tell colleagues about the site as well

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Geometry from AMATYC

Along with their substantial instructional resources, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) has worked to place valuable mathematical materials online to aid both teachers and students. This particular site contains links discovered and vetted by George Alexander, who works on behalf of the AMATYC. Here visitors will find links to materials that can be used to teach students about the fundamentals of geometry, including plane motion, polyhedras, symmetry, and tessellations. In total, there are links to 33 resources here, and suggestions for new materials are always welcome.