Reinforce numeral recognition with this game

“Matching” develops fundamental grouping and numeral recognition skills as your child connects numerals with groups of objects.


Play hangman online

Hangman is a popular word game, usually played by two players with a pencil and paper. In our version of Interactive Hangman you play against the computer.

You can choose between five different themed games: Common Words, Phrases & Expressions, Movie Titles, Countries, and the Animal Kingdom. The computer will pick a word or phrase at random from that category, and display it as a series of dashes, representing letters.



The Benefits of Playing Board Games

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of playing board games, especially playing games as a family. I hope a review of this list brings back memories for you. Your own joy in playing games will be evident to your children. If you have fun, they will have fun, too.
1. Play board games with your children because it builds family camaraderie. Whether learning a new game or playing an old one, your children will always remember these happy days of playing games with you. It is so easy to get too busy for family fun — and miss out on one of the greatest joys of living. Playing games together often requires that you actually talk to each other. And that is a big plus!

2. Play board games together because it’s fun. Stop being the family disciplinarian for a while and just enjoy the kids!

3. Playing games teaches children the joy of winning and the sorrow of losing in a safe environment. They learn how to be good winners and good losers. And they learn this by experiencing their siblings and parents winning and losing. Nobody enjoys are sore loser or a cocky winner. The kitchen table is a very level playing field indeed.

4. When learning a new game, children learn the value of reading the directions first. The rules are in black and white and they not only learn them, but can refer back to them later.
5. Playing board games with the family leads to playing board games with other children, an excellent pastime.

6. Games are educational –they help keep our minds alert. Old and young alike will improve concentration and thinking skills. 

7. Remember, too, the importance of playing board games as a couple. Turn off the television and play Scrabble together! You will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in your communication and your relationship. 

By Joan Adams
Electronic Monopoly Game
Bingo for Children

Top 7 Outside Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer, Now Go Put The Sit And Stand Stroller Away

It is 7AM and you hear the puppy next door barking. It’s the one disturbance in such a tranquil neighborhood that’s loud enough to wake you from this slumber. You peer through the window and the sun rays have just begun to pour above the tree-tops. The forecast indicates a perfect 74 degree afternoon with plenty of sunlight. You think ‘maybe I could take the little ones for a walk with the great new sit and stand stroller’ but ‘no’ you think, that is what we tend to do everyday. You’re a mom of 2 young boys (or simply insert number, age, and gender of one’s kids here) that are, at this time, sound asleep. Silence is bliss, but in just a few minutes they are going to awake and then jumping around all set to release his or her tirade of energy outside the house.

The first thing that shoots out of his or her mouth is going to be “Sandbox!” or perhaps it is “Pool!” The kids have not forgotten what you had promised them the evening before. Young kids clearly always remember. The last thing you said to the kids last night was, “Yes love, time to fall asleep, shut your eyes! Tomorrow we shall have a good time at the pool!” You actually do not like to think about this but one particular problem which undoubtedly lingers in the back of your brain is, “What am I gonna do when they get sick of the swimming pool?” What will keep them busy outside?

I have a baby and also a toddler, therefore I know this much too well. One of the best ways I have seen is to change your routines up regularly. Always keep things fresh and different. Keep it challenging enough to make sure they’re still interested, yet not so frustrating they give up and get bored. I highly recommend you continue reading for a few fun and different ways to continue to keep these special children busy and learning new things regularly.

1. Nature Scavenger Hunt – You select what to add-on their list each time you set off. Some ideas could be “things that are brown, “something which makes sounds”, “anything fuzzy”, “something rough,” “two types of seeds,” “any fascinating-looking insect,” etc. I find this to be great for keeping my kid occupied as we go on walks while my baby just stays in the stroller and enjoys the ride. Double jogging baby strollers, sit and stand strollers, and bike trailers are great for this type of occasion depending if you feel like walking or perhaps cycling your clan around!

2. Children’s Back Yard Garden – They are really at an inquisitive age of learning and discovery. They like to do everything you are doing and they are interested in learning all about it. A fantastic way to do it is to do a Google search about how to build a raised bed garden. Give them their own personal planting space to name their own. Teach them the best way to plant seed plus the process of watering the seeds to make them flourish. Each and every day they’ll return to the garden and water, take out weeds, pick fresh flowers, fruits, fresh vegetables of his or her own!

3. Ice Sculpting – Get several ice cubes (feel free to use a variety of shaped ice-cube containers), slip food coloring in them before they freeze, and let the youngsters construct castles as well as sculptures outside the house.

4. Monster art and spray painting – Purchase a cheap bright white bed sheet which you can hang from the clothesline or on the fence. You need a few squirt bottles to fill up with liquid watercolor paint. Allow them to have fun spraying a sheet with various colors and dyes! Or pick up a few of those rubbery spike balls from your dollar store or even Wal-mart, dip them all in tempura paint, then toss them all at the white bed-sheet.

5. Enhance any slip & slide by adding a water tunnel – Use PVC pipe and joints that has slots cut from the pipe, fit the parts together so that it makes an arch. Place it over the top of the slip and slide and so the slide goes through it. Whenever your children are sliding, it should produce a cool waterfall or showering effect.

6. Create a backyard beach – Construct a pretty big sandbox, put a little toddlers pool and some beach seats inside. You can even put four stakes in the sand and make an enjoyable cover for shade.

7. Water Pinatas! – Suspend water balloons from your jungle gym or just a very long tree branch. After that encourage the kids take turns swinging blindfolded for the balloons!

I hope you find a lot of these exercises as entertaining as my little ones have. Taking walks are good when you’ve got the very best sit and stand stroller, but sometimes you have to switch it up!

Pray this helps you and your youngsters have a nice more pleasurable summer!

7 best outdoor activities to do with kids and why you should put the old stroller away and try some of these new ideas to change that old boring routine up. If you want to take the kids on an enjoyable walk with an easy to push stroller for once then here is a link to the best sit and stand stroller review site I have seen.

Chess compulsory in schools

Armenia is making chess compulsory in schools, but could mandatory study of a board game really help children’s academic performance and behaviour?

A game to play – Save the donkey

One donkey is running in the farm in which many objects are placed. Some objects are harmful, some objects are helpful. The mission is simple, keep the donkey alive as long as you can. The more time, the higher your score. Click!Click!Click! Good Luck:)

Build reading and spelling with “Word clues”

This word game makes a great reading exercise as kids put letter tiles on the game board to spell words based on vocabulary-boosting clues.