Common core lesson plan templates

Swiftform have created a lesson plan template, that educators can use to create and fill out lesson plans with a professional design for their math, science and english courses, and then download them in PDF or MS Word format with a single click.



Play hangman online

Hangman is a popular word game, usually played by two players with a pencil and paper. In our version of Interactive Hangman you play against the computer.

You can choose between five different themed games: Common Words, Phrases & Expressions, Movie Titles, Countries, and the Animal Kingdom. The computer will pick a word or phrase at random from that category, and display it as a series of dashes, representing letters.



Myers and Co launch 2nd chances

Author Walter Dean Myers has joined forces with, the National Education Association and the National Council of Teachers of English for a new initiative called “Second Chances,” which is reaching out to parents, teachers and others who have an influence on the lives of children and teens.

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