100+ Creative Hands-on Activities for Ages 4-8 for curious kids


What happens if you water plants with juice? 
Where can you find bacteria in your house? 
Is slug slime as strong as a glue stick? 

How would your child find the answers to these questions? In The Curious Kid’s Science Book, your child will learn to design his or her own science investigations to determine the answers! Children will learn to ask their own scientific questions, discover value in failed experiments, and — most importantly — have a blast with science. … Read more

Reinforce numeral recognition with this game

“Matching” develops fundamental grouping and numeral recognition skills as your child connects numerals with groups of objects.


7 Days of Christmas – Fiction Activities for Roald Dahl books

roald_dahl_FAAs part of my 7 Days of Christmas promotion, this package, Collections of links to Roald Dahl Fiction Activities, is available for just $7.00 (Normal price $29.50).

Roald Dahl books are wonderful for reading aloud in a primary school classroom. They are imaginative and exciting, and will certainly engage your class.

There are so many teaching opportunities using Roald Dahl’s fabulous books. The storylines truly lend themselves to discussions and the stories will engage the children’s imaginations and allow the challenging vocabulary to soak in.

Save yourself having to reinvent the wheel in creating activities to support these beautiful stories. I have gathered links to more than 180 different activities that will give you ideas and inspiration.
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Recycle Crafts Ideas For Kids – Quick, Easy And Fun To Do

If you want recycle craft ideas for kids which will keep them entertained for hours keep reading. Listed here are tips and ideas which are easy to do, free to do and will guaranteed to have the feel good factor.
The added benefits of recycling crafts for kids are, the time you spends creating something is much more enjoyable than trying to entertain kids. The time flies, the kids build self esteem and confidence. When our minds are focused on creating, making and doing we experience flow moments, the thinking and the doing become one. We balance our left and right brains.

Recycle Craft Ideas:

Tetra Pack:

Make bird houses, bird feeders and small dolls houses from old tetra packs. Rinse, dry, cut out side parts for windows and doors. Paint. Hang out side in trees or on fences to allow the birds to feed and enter. Also make cars and trucks by adding lids as wheels.

Old yogurt containers and empty egg cartons can be use to grow seeds, kids love to grow flowers and vegetables. This is an ideal solution if you do not have a garden for the children. You probably did this when you were a child, cut up egg cartons and make spiders by adding pipe cleaners for legs.

Recycle Cardboard Boxes:

Did you ever notice no matter how many toys Santa brings they are always more fascinated with the box. Well now you can take advantage of that. Recycle cardboard boxes by turning them in to castles, forts, hideaway, dens, planes, buses, think out side the box, paint and imagination go a long way. I bet the kids will spend more time playing with their castle they created from scratch than a tent or playhouse bought in a store.

Paper Mache:

Put those old phone books to good use, get the kids to tear them up in to tiny pieces, soak in a four and water paste. To make the flour and water paste use 2 tbsp of flour to 2 cups of water, a thick consistency. When the paper is nicely soaked, make it in to a shape using a mould. Cover bowls with cling film to use as a mould for a fruit bowl. Use a inflated balloon which you can burst with the paper mache mould is dry. Cover the mould with the paper mache and allow to dry. Kids love making masks which they can paint, decorate and wear after.

Start making recycle crafts today, you will be amazed at how much fun you will have. Making the kids happy is an added bonus.

Author:  Dee G
If you want to be amazed at how creative people are and be inspired by their visions check out Recycle Crafts. Honestly the more you see the beauty that people create the more you will be inspired to create beauty
Note: Do you know why home cooking and baking always tastes so good? Because it is made with love. Remember that when you are recycling crafts.

A puzzle to solve – Toy Strip Origami

Three colored strips have to be folded into three colored letters. The key idea is to keep the number of the performed folds as low as possible. Is it a challenge that would be TOY to you?

Toy Strip Origami


Play hangman online

Hangman is a popular word game, usually played by two players with a pencil and paper. In our version of Interactive Hangman you play against the computer.

You can choose between five different themed games: Common Words, Phrases & Expressions, Movie Titles, Countries, and the Animal Kingdom. The computer will pick a word or phrase at random from that category, and display it as a series of dashes, representing letters.


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