Video – 21st Century Decision-Making

21st Century Decision MakingAuthor James Surowiecki explains how the decision-making ability of a diverse group of people is more effective than that of individuals.

Video – Online Safety – “Growing up online”

“a must watch for all teachers, parents and anyone involved with students or children going online. The video was released in the US on the PBS network as part of the Frontline program. Growing Up Online explores a large number of issues about students growing up online and the challenges that everyone face from parents to teachers and most importantly students.

There are teacher notes and these should be useful, the website as a whole has lots of information and links and provides a lot of good useful information. It is important to note that the show does focus on the negative side of going online, and that anyone using or showing clips need to ensure audiences know that going online has a lot of advantages and positives – we just need to get a balance and educate our children and their parents and teachers.”

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Teacher’s Guide

Rethinking Retirement Planning
Many of us are relying on defined contribution plans to help fund retirement. But Harvard Business School professor Robert C. Merton believes today’s plans are not sustainable. So what’s next? A new way to look at the problem.

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