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Teacher Appreciation Week


You can download a free teacher of the year award here and then you can customise it this year

Teacher Appreciation Printables and Colouring

World's Best Teacher diploma - US
Your child can award their teacher one of these fun new diplomas, coloring it in themselves to make it extra special. We've got them filled in and blank for your own words.
Coloring Diplomas 

Certificate of Appreciation

'Thank You, Teacher' Certificate

"Dear Teacher, Thank You!" poster

Thank You School Staff

"How Will You Say Thanks?" poster

Printable Bookmarks for Teachers  Age 3+ 

A Special Teacher card
eacher Thank You Cards 

more Printable Cards for Teachers

Teacher quotes bookmarks
Teacher appreciation printables, including writing prompts, bookmarks, acrostics and more... 

Teacher Appreciation Printables

Print, cut and make these teacher rosettes and medals - a perfect little present for Teacher Appreciation!
Teacher Rosette

Teacher coloring pages
We have some gorgeous new teacher coloring pages...
Teacher coloring pages

Teacher coloring cards
and teacher coloring cards, too
Teacher coloring cards

more coloring Pages / Posters for Teacher Appreciation Week



Teacher Appreciation Craft Ideas

Handprint Craft Painting Ideas 
These make a super present for a favorite teacher


Handprint Coupons 
Simple to make and very inexpensive, this is a lovely idea for all sorts of family occasions.

Mother's Day daisy picture
There are many more ideas for gifts for teachers which children can make here:
Gifts Kids Can Make

puppy origami
Many of our origami projects make sweet cards or little gifts which teachers will appreciate

I Love School Jigsaw
School Jigsaws 
These make fun little teacher presents, downloaded for the classroom computer.

"Dear Teacher, Thank You" Stickers
Template for stickers/buttons (3 styles)

Community Caring Match Ups
Fireworks Finale Card
Heart-y Creatures
Leafy Gold Jewelry
Medal of Honor
Memory Book
No-Mess Mini-Piñata
Showcase Your Caring Community
Stunning 'Cloisonné' Gift Pendants
Thanks, Volunteers!
Welcoming Wall Hangings


Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher gift ideas
Stuck for a good idea for a teacher gift this year? We're building up a huge collection here, both for group or class gifts and individual.
Teacher Gift Ideas

More Ideas...

Teacher Quotes
Teacher Quotes 
Use these in your own projects, on thank you notes, and so on. Perhaps your child could write some into a little booklet and decorate it for his teacher?

Teacher Appreciation Links

Poems for/about Teachers

Public tributes through PTA
• Host a special breakfast or lunch for your school’s teachers and staff. If space allows, invite
parents, school board members, the district superintendent, district personnel, and prominent
community leaders to join you at the event in showing appreciation for teachers.
• Create a giant teacher thank-you card for display in the school community. Place markers by
the card so community members can add their words of thanks.
• Start a “teacher feature” on a school or library bulletin board. Each week or month, profile a
different teacher. Include quotes by and about the teacher, as well as the teacher’s picture,
background, hobbies, and philosophy of education. Alternatively, use the school or PTA
newsletter to publish interviews with teachers and stories about teachers’ accomplishments.
Consider having students conduct the interviews and write the stories. Publish stories
throughout the year.
• Plant trees or flowers in public areas or on school grounds in honor of teachers.
• Ask each teacher what his or her favorite book is and buy a copy for or have a copy donated
to the school library. Include in each book a bookplate with the name of the teacher who
chose the book.
• Present certificates of appreciation to all teachers, as well as to substitute teachers, aides, and
other support staff.
• Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school or district.
Expressions of gratitude
• Put flowers, snacks, and gourmet coffees and teas in the teachers’ lounge during Teacher
Appreciation Week. Place small gifts in each staff person’s mailbox. (For gift ideas, visit the
PTA Store.)
• Ask teachers to fill out a survey regarding their favorite books, colors, flowers, restaurants,
coffee shops, etc. Use that knowledge when giving gifts. For example, present each teacher
with his or her favorite book, signed by each of his or her students; give each teacher a small
bouquet of his or her favorite flower.
• Coordinate a car wash and invite the school staff and teachers to get their vehicles washed
for free.
• Establish a fund to enable teachers to take part in lectures and workshops at local colleges or
to attend special trainings or conferences.
• Have the students in each class create their own posters thanking their teacher. Take a picture of each student holding his or her sign. Then, put together small photo albums of the thankyou messages for the teacher



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