Apr 272011

Audio books are great for long car journeys or other places where you can’t physically read a book, but I’m not sure if they’re a great idea for kids who are still building their reading skills. This Lego helmet lets kids simply look at the pictures while the stories are read aloud to them. => http://bit.ly/fgACOE

Jul 132010

Paper Daughter
by Jeanette Ingold

Maggie Chen was born with ink in her blood. Her journalist father has fired her imagination with the thrill of the newsroom. But now Maggie’s father has been killed, and she is determined to keep their dreams alive by interning at the local newspaper. While assisting on her first story, suspicion of illegal activity falls on Maggie’s father, and she knows she must clear his name. Drawn to Seattle’s Chinatown, what she finds is far from what she expected: secrets, lies, and a connection to the Chinese Exclusion Era. Using all of her newspaper instincts and resources, Maggie is forced to confront her ethnicity—and a family she never knew.