Apr 292011

IN BETWEEN red carpet premieres, presidential readings, prime-time television interviews and promotional balloon flights, Jeff Kinney, the creator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is trying to lead a normal life.

He holds a 9-to-5 job, and makes his family a priority by spending time with his two young boys in Plainville, a small town 48km southwest of Boston.

He is even the local scout master.

However, after-hours he indulges in his passion of drawing cartoon pictures to illustrate funny and honest journal entries by his nemesis, school student Greg Hefley – now a world-famous “wimpy kid”. => http://bit.ly/jYkVOw

Nov 272008

Diary of a wimpy kidGreg is a conflicted soul: he wants to do the right thing, but the constant quest for status and girls seems to undermine his every effort. His attempts to prove his worthiness in the popularity race (he estimates he’s currently ranked 52nd or 53rd) are constantly foiled by well-meaning parents, a younger and older brother, and nerdy friends.