Mar 132009

‘Twilight’ brings supernatural fiction to life, boosts genre

Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer, shown at her home in Cave Creek, Ariz., has opened the door for other teen novels about the paranormal.
Stephenie Meyer may be the reigning queen of teen vampire novels (and USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list), but there are plenty of authors ready to take a bite out of her kingdom.

Meyer’s best-selling Twilight series has been the biggest story in publishing for months. But with no new Meyer title on the horizon, young fans are quenching their thirst for paranormal fiction by turning to other authors — and publishers are eager to benefit from the Twilight bump.


Dec 062008

Apparently shipping over 22 million copies of Stephenie Meyer’s four bestsellers has not been enough to keep the season’s hottest selling book in stock. With reports from several independent booksellers that all of Meyer’s titles have been difficult to get, publisher Hachette has confirmed that it has gone back to press for 7.5 million additional copies over the last couple of weeks for all of Meyer’s titles in all their different formats. An Hachette spokesperson said the publisher is working to turn around the reprints as quickly as possible to keep up with re-orders, and that Donnelley has been using as many as eight to 12 presses at one time to complete the job. Demand, said the spokesperson, has “blown away all expectations and sales forecasts.” 

All the books have received a boost from release of the Twilight film, based on Meyer’s first book, and which has grossed $120 million in its first 10 days.    read more