Jul 262008

Two composers have collaborated on a work which captures their response to a picture book story about a little girl’s bad day, writes Clare Morgan.
EVERYONE knows the feeling. You wake up with the nameless dreads, as if a dark cloud is hanging over you and nobody understands why you feel so low or can penetrate that sense of being alone.

The Australian author and artist Shaun Tan captured such emotions exquisitely in his children’s picture book The Red Tree, the deceptively simple story of a little girl struggling through a bad day, confused and afraid, until a final, glorious blossoming of hope.

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Apr 212008

by the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre with the State Library of
Victoria and the Arts Centre are proud to present a special
presentation of the production of The Arrival.

Date: Friday 2 May 2008
Venue: Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre
Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
Bookings: Tickets are $25 each


The Arrival is a universal tale of the challenges, the humour
and adventures of arriving in a new country and resonates
far beyond any arrival… a new school, a new job, a new  town.

This adaptation of acclaimed illustrator/author Shaun Tan’s new story ‘The Arrival’
promises to be a truly warm and magical experience for all. It is a mix of digital projection from Shaun Tan’s exquisite images, performance and the excellence in puppetry that you have come to expect from Spare Parts.

The inspirational illustrations of Shaun Tan come to life in a world of animals and people
living harmoniously in a fantastical metropolis. This strange new place of floating ships,
mysterious lights and symbols is the place our hero Aki makes his home.

The absence of words not only makes the story perfect for puppetry but emphasizes the
isolation that is experienced by many people arriving in a new place.

Shaun Tan’s work has an ability to transcend social, cultural and age barriers. The Arrival is a theatre work that will appeal to all and be remembered forever.

This is Shaun Tan and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre at their best.


Tickets can be purchased online at www.iceaustralia.com/cbca