Aug 032011

Paul Jenning has added to his website. This time it’s a colouring picture. Sniff the Dragon. Check it out at his fabulous downloads page. =>

You can met Sniff in Paul Jennings’ book “Rascal the Dragon”

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Global
Published in: Australia
Published: April 2007

Ben wants a pet dragon, but his father says no because each one has a bad habit in this easy reader by Australian author Paul Jenning. Ben finds a stray dragon that he names Rascal and begs his father to let him keep him as a pet. When Rascal makes himself useful by lighting a fire ….

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Aug 222010

Rascal and the Bad Smell
Author: Paul Jennings
Illustrator: Bob Lea
Real books for beginners

Someone made a bad smell. But who?

Like a bloodhound on a case, Rascal puts his nose to the task of finding the culprit.

Read a Rascal story to your children and before long they’ll read it to you.

You can buy the book here =>