Jan 222009

Buzz Words (All the Buzz about Children’s Books), is targeted at children’s writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers and editors. On the 1st and 15th of every month the e-zine features a free-entry writing contest – with prizes – as well as interviews with editors, authors, illustrators, agents, booksellers and publicists as well as writing markets, opportunities, competitions, courses, conferences, book reviews and valuable industry information all related to the children’s book industry. If you wish to download a sample issue, go to www.buzzwordsmagazine.com Compiler/editor Dianne (Di) Bates pays for articles and interviews. The magazine was begun in July 2006 and to date it have published over 700 reviews of children’s books. An online review magazine, Books Buzz, is also sent to subscribers bimonthly. Check out Di’s books on her website www.enterprisingwords.com

Buzz Words is brilliant! I’m learning a lot, and finding heaps more markets and comps than I dreamed of!! … Michelle Meaby

I really like Buzz Words. I browse it while eating my sanga and want something fulfilling and I can skim parts and read the rest tomorrow. I’m so sick of lightweight fluff, but BUZZ WORDS has lots of real info… Cathie Tasker, Children’s Editor, Koala Books

I love reading Buzz Words. It is not only interesting and informative, but it inspires me to actually sit down and write, rather than just think about it (After I’ve finished reading it, of course!) … Jenny Heslop

I absolutely love receiving Buzz Words.  I find the information helpful and interesting. It also helps me feel connected to the writing community in what can otherwise often be a lonely occupation…Amanda Holohan