The Family Book a tribute to the diversity of today’s families

by Todd Parr

From the Reviews:

PreSchool-Grade 2-

Todd Parr knows so well how to create fun and appealing books for children that promote self-acceptance and an appreciation of the diversity of modern society As he did in The Mommy Book and The Daddy Book (both Little, Brown, 2002), Parr introduces children to an array of families. There are so many different types of families, and THE FAMILY BOOK celebrates them all in a funny, silly, and reassuring way.

Each page contains one sentence about families. For example, midway through the book we read, “Some families live near each other,” which is humorously illustrated by two mouse holes with six sets of eyes peering out. The opposing page counters with, “Some families live far from each other.” Here we see two colorful, alien space families on opposite planets.

There is a wonderful vitality to the book thanks to the bold drawings, bright, nearly neon colors, and handwritten text. The illustrations are whimsical, and figures outlined in black show big ones and small ones, and families that look alike and relatives who look just like their pets. The art features both human and animal figures; thus, pigs depict both a family that likes to be clean, and one that likes to be messy. Some families include stepmoms, stepdads, stepsisters, or stepbrothers; some adopt children. Other families have two moms or two dads, while some children have only one parent.

Interspersed with the differences among families are the ways they are alike: all like to hug each other, are sad when they lose someone they love, enjoy celebrating special days together, and can help each other to be strong. His quirky humor and bright, childlike illustrations will make children feel good about their families.

Parents and teachers can use this book to encourage children to talk about their families and the different kinds of families that exist. And anyone trying to prepare children to understand, appreciate and embrace the differences that they will encounter in their lives. In particular, biracial, adoptive and alternative families will find this book a very special addition to their home libraries.

A wonderful, caring tribute to today’s diverse families”

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