The Benefits of Playing Board Games

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of playing board games, especially playing games as a family. I hope a review of this list brings back memories for you. Your own joy in playing games will be evident to your children. If you have fun, they will have fun, too.
1. Play board games with your children because it builds family camaraderie. Whether learning a new game or playing an old one, your children will always remember these happy days of playing games with you. It is so easy to get too busy for family fun — and miss out on one of the greatest joys of living. Playing games together often requires that you actually talk to each other. And that is a big plus!

2. Play board games together because it’s fun. Stop being the family disciplinarian for a while and just enjoy the kids!

3. Playing games teaches children the joy of winning and the sorrow of losing in a safe environment. They learn how to be good winners and good losers. And they learn this by experiencing their siblings and parents winning and losing. Nobody enjoys are sore loser or a cocky winner. The kitchen table is a very level playing field indeed.

4. When learning a new game, children learn the value of reading the directions first. The rules are in black and white and they not only learn them, but can refer back to them later.
5. Playing board games with the family leads to playing board games with other children, an excellent pastime.

6. Games are educational –they help keep our minds alert. Old and young alike will improve concentration and thinking skills. 

7. Remember, too, the importance of playing board games as a couple. Turn off the television and play Scrabble together! You will be pleasantly surprised at the improvement in your communication and your relationship. 

By Joan Adams
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