IT Efficiency Exam: Score 100% With Answers to 10 Common School IT Systems Management Problems

IT infrastructure is vital to the integrity of the learning environment, so a clear understanding by all educators of the most common IT management challenges is key. It will result in fewer problems, better communication, and more effective school management.

Today’s school IT systems management doesn’t have to be thankless. Nor do you need to worry about earning a failing grade. In this webinar gain valuable management insights from the Derby (Kansas) Public Schools IT Director, hear his discussion of common IT systems management problems in schools, and learn how this leader earned top marks and revolutionized his school by using IT automation technology.


In this FREE webinar, participants will learn about:
– The 10 most common school IT systems management problems
– Common misconceptions in school IT systems management
– Best practices for managing highly distributed school IT systems
– How IT automation technology can help you revolutionize your systems management

No place for iPad in education revolution

STATE education departments are unlikely to roll out iPads as part of the federal government’s digital education revolution program because of the device’s technical shortcomings.

While the government’s $2 billion plan for secondary schools has boosted the number of PCs, laptops and thin clients at schools, the iPad looks like remaining on the outer.