Teenagers and Sleep

From Pivotal Families

Do you ever wish that you could be young again like your teenage son or daughter? They are full of energy and life!  But all too often they are also full of sleepiness.


Adolescent sleep problems: Why is your teen so tired?

Adolescents are notorious for staying up late at night and being hard to rouse in the morning. Your teens are probably no exception. But it’s not necessarily because they’re lazy or contrary. This behavior pattern actually has a real physical cause. And there are ways to help mesh your adolescent’s sleep schedule with that of the rest of the world.

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How can you persuade your teenager to get the proper amount of sleep?

Teenagers need more sleep than adults do. They need close to nine hours every night, on average. But, did you know that only about 15% of teens get that much sleep every night?

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Science in the News — A Passport to Never-Never Land

 Forget white noise machines and warm milk before bed. According to researcher Hans-Peter Landolt, the key to a good night’s sleep may be in your genes. Landolt and his team at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, have identified the “slumber gene” – a particular variant of a gene that produces an enzyme called adenosine deaminase (ADA). In a groundbreaking study published in the October 25, 2005 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Landolt demonstrated that individuals carrying the slumber variant ADA gene sleep considerably more soundly than everyone else. In addition to providing new insight into the biological mechanisms surrounding sleep, Landolt’s work may someday lead to new treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders.Read on …