“Peter Rabbit” for iPad Delivers Interactive Twist to Classic Tale

Thanks to rapid developments in consumer technology — namely, large-format touchscreen devices like the iPad, and soon, Android, BlackBerry 6 and Windows 7-based tablets — the definition of the e-book is quickly evolving. Soon, the word “e-book” will no longer connote dull, text-only transcriptions of popular print books on clunky e-readers, but richly colored, animated and interactive multimedia experiences that will leave their print counterparts looking lifeless in comparison.

The e-book medium broke new ground late last week when a little-known team of former video game developers in Vancouver, known as Loud Crow Interactive, released their first book for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

What makes Loud Crow’s version of Peter Rabbit so remarkable is the care and ingenuity with which the company has adapted the classic Beatrix Potter tale to the touchscreen medium.


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