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It’s not what it is, it’s what it enables
The role of blogs, wikis, and RSS
Let me state the obvious: the real value of blogs and wikis is not the tool itself. It’s what the tool enables. Sadly, many advocates overlook this simple fact.

To continue the over-simplification, it’s the equivalent of viewing a hammer as only a means to hit nails. Obviously that is the task at its most basic. But what does it mean? In the case of the hammer, it means we can build a doghouse, a bookshelf, or a house. Until we look past the task and functionality of a tool – to what the tool enables – we largely miss the beauty of why it’s so useful.

School district revisits at what age to teach ‘keyboarding’ to students
“When will they learn to type? On the first day of school, I had the fifth-graders open up Microsoft Word and write me a message. You could tell that some kids were ready to write a novel, and some were barely able to finish one sentence.” Read the whole article

What Does It Mean To Be an Educated Person?
What does it mean to be an educated person? What should a high school graduate be able to do upon graduation? The answer guides instruction. The art of teaching is to challenge and encourage students toward this vision. Read the whole speech

New tool aims to ease academic file sharing

New tool aims to ease academic file sharing
Researchers at Penn State and other universities have developed a tool to help educators and researchers search for and exchange large academic or scientific files more easily–using the principles most associated with trading music and movies illegally….Article continues