New website: Read it! Loved it!

The primary aim of this new website, Read it! Loved it! is to help girls aged 9-19 consistently find great books to read & love.

It is aimed to assist school and public libraries that do not have a librarian who specializes in adolescent/teen literature, as well as being a parental guide in terms of what books are appropriate for girls of varying ages.

The website was launched in late 2011 and will be a permanent and ongoing project, and time permitting, will have an equivalent section for boys.

The website has been designed to be viewed on an iPhone/iPad, and later in 2012, will incorporate short video reviews (which will hopefully help engage reluctant readers).

Read it! Loved it! is completely independent and does not receive any commercial or financial backing. Access is, and will always be free.

The site is the brain-child of Gavin Jones, a teacher-librarian at Melbourne Girls Grammar in Melbourne, Australia. Gavin say he has always wanted a simple, finite and unambiguous youth literature guide on the internet, could not find one, and decided to create one himself.

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