Nameless, Faceless Children (Blogs & Internet Safety)

Julie A. Cunningham writes

Online threats related to student blogging, as long as students are not disclosing personal information like “I’m home alone after school and here’s my address” or utilizing chat rooms/messaging where they engage in cyberbullying, are really not a threat.

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I think we need to realize that we put our children ‘at risk’ regularly. Take a look at the following risky scenarios:

Scenario 1: Johnny has a recreational soccer game on Saturday morning for the 7 & 8 year old league, which was published in the newspaper. His last name is on his jersey. His parents and uncle cheer loudly from the sidelines “Go Johnny!”. He holds a water bottle with his elementary school name and logo printed on it. Oh, and by the way, his face is visible. (Personal Information Disclosed: child’s full name, school name, age, and image)

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