Keeping Safe in Social Networking Sites

People socialise all the time in everyday life – it’s normal human behaviour. In today’s world, however, people are also socialising on the Internet thanks to a new type of website which connects people with common interests. These sites are commonly known as social networking web sites. Some of the most popular include YouTube, Bebo, MySpace and MSN Spaces. The popularity of these websites is quickly growing with many of them having millions of registered members. They attract people of all ages and are particularly popular with children and youth. Social networking on the Internet can be great fun, but with it there are some potential dangers that need to be addressed. If your children are using these sites (or plan to in the future) you need to help them understand the risks and provide them with strategies to stay out of danger. In this feature article learn more about these social networking websites, why children enjoy them so much, what the dangers are and what you can do to help your children them stay safe when using them.

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