Helping our Children Become the Leaders of Tomorrow

What if you could give a child the tools, strategies and technologies to become a leader in all areas of their life?

The nonprofit Anthony Robbins Foundation’s Global Youth Leadership Summit is a five-day program designed to boost young adults into leadership roles that will change their lives and that of their community.

Taking place July 17th – July 22, 2010 in San Diego, CA the summit gives kids aged 14-17 the tools they need to enter into a world of community leadership and service. Through group discussions, leadership games, team building, guest speakers from around the world, simulations and exercises, the summit participants will identify their own particular leadership strengths, create their personal goals and develop a commitment to community service.

The summit is taking applications to participate now, if you have a child aged 14-17 (or know someone who does you can forward this to), or are interested in volunteering to work with these future leaders please click on the link below now – help change a young persons life forever!

Learn more about the program and get an application here.

“[Global Youth Leadership Summit] helped me get rid of my shyness and insecurity. I needed to let go of my fears of being judged. When I did, I gained an abundance of friends, along with courage and confidence. My grades have improved and I joined the soccer team and the cheerleading squad, which I would never have done before.”

Sarah VanDeusen,
High School Student
Clinton, NY

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