Harry Potter reduces childhood accidents

Again from the archives …

Reading James Meikle’s article in The GuardianHow Harry Potter staves off childhood accidents.
So we can conclude, can we, that reading reduces childhood accidents – or is it just Harry Potter? And if so, something that I’ve been wondering for a while – can we claim Harry Potter as “reading” or is it just a phenomenon, a trend?. It must be the Superman television and not the comics that caused all those little boys (and girls!) to jump off roofs.James’ article in part:  “Harry Potter’s spells have made children less accident-prone. Numbers attending a hospital emergency department fell when new books by JK Rowling hit the shops. Doctors in the department of orthopaedic trauma surgery at the John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford, checked how many seven- to 15-year-olds suffered muscle and bone injuries needing treatment over the past three summers. They found there were 36 and 37 instances when the last two Potter books came out in June 2003 and July 2005, while the average for other weekends was 67, they say in the British Medical Journal.”

I wonder if the trend continued??!!

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