Communication in Children 2 to 3 years

From 2 years of age, our toddlers are becoming much more verbal. Until 18-24 months, much of a toddlers’ communication is primarily non-verbal (expressed through play, gesture, sound effects and shared experiences), but this begins to change from age 2.
It is also from about 2 years of age that gender differences emerge. Ever heard someone say “Girls develop so much faster than boys”? When it comes to communication, this is true. Girls tend to reach the stage of using mostly verbal communication (talking rather than gesture etc) from around 18 months. For boys it tends to be closer to 2 years of age. Even among children of the same gender, there is wide discrepancy in communication skills at age 2. Some children are beginning to use their first single words at this age. Some children are chattering away in full sentences by age 2. So when should we be concerned?
Red flags of communication development: =>

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