The Infinite Thinking Macdine – for teachers and students in the21st century

The Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) is a compilation of ideas to help teachers and students thrive in the 21st century. Educators will love the Stuff section of this Web resource with printable Education Product Guides on Blogs, Google Earth, SketchUp and Picasa. Stuff also includes presentation handouts on various technology topics. Additional sections include video podcasts of Show episodes with detailed notes and additional Web links. A 24-hour active blog covers topics of interest to innovative teachers in the 21st century classroom.

Somerset International Conference for Librarians and Teachers

registration for the 2010 Somerset
International Conference for Librarians and Teachers is now open.

The theme ‘Reading Locally, Learning Globally: creating a universal experience’ will
provide an excellent opportunity for delegates to hear and learn from
international library professionals and literary specialists.

Registration covers two days of wonderful Professional Development.
Conference Monday will be held on 15 March 2010 at an exciting new venue
– Conrad Jupiters Hotel, Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. Workshop Tuesday will
be held at the Somerset College Library on 16 March 2010.

Presenters at the 2010 Somerset International Conference include:

*        Dr Carol Gordon – Associate Professor at Rutgers University,
School of Communication and Information and Co-Director of the Centre for
International Scholarship in School  Libraries
*        Janet DeNeefe – founder and Director of the Ubud Writers &
Readers Festival
*        James Moloney and Anthony Eaton – award wining Australian
*        Kevin Hennah – Retail and Library Consultant
*        Keith Webster – Librarian and Director of Learning Services at
the University of Queensland
*        Marj Kirkland – CBCA National President
*        Maggie Garrard – Education Officer Australian Children’s
Television Foundation

This, the 9th Somerset International Conference for Librarians and Teachers,
promises to be a valuable, enlightening and professionally rewarding event
for all. Registration is available both on line (credit card only) and via
the attached registration form. Early Registration discounts apply until 8th
February 2010.

Further details will be posted on the Conference Website and information
will be updated on a regular basis. As always, should you have any queries
please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to
welcoming you to the Gold Coast in March 2010.

Best wishes

Andrew J Stark
Head of Library Services and
Somerset International Conference Director<

Storytelling: a fun way to practice public speaking

story telling

Looking for a fun way to foster public speaking skills in your upper elementary school students? Try introducing a storytelling project!

National Assessment of Educational Progress Questions Tool

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From e-mail:

The NAEP Questions Tool, one of the most popular features of the National Assessment of Educational Progress website, now makes it easier than ever for teachers, parents, students, researchers, media and the general public to locate released NAEP assessment questions.

National Assessment of Educational Progress Questions Tool

U.K. Mulls Blogging, Tweeting, Podcasting in Primary School Curriculum

Blogging, tweeting, and podcasting are all good and fun, but what about including them in the school curriculum? Folks in the U.K. are considering an overhaul of their elementary school curriculum—and a draft proposal requires kids to master these Web technologies, reports the Guardian.

The proposed curriculum—which would also give teachers more freedom to decide what students concentrate on in classes—marks the biggest change to the U.K.’s primary school education in a decade, and “strips away hundreds of specifications about the scientific, geographical and historical knowledge pupils must accumulate before they are 11,” the Guardian says. more » » »

Teaching Twitter could become a class act

British school students may soon be learning about William Shakespeare and Ashton Kutcher.

British school students may soon be learning about William Shakespeare and Ashton Kutcher.

British schoolchildren may soon be studying the tweets of Ashton Kutcher along with the sonnets of Shakespeare.

A leaked Government report due to be released shortly, recommends that British primary school teachers be given much more flexibility in deciding what lessons to teach.

And while it emphasises the continued necessity of teaching traditional subjects such as spelling, history and arithmetic, it also recommends that students be taught about online media and instructed about web-based skills including how to use a spell checker.


How Teachers Can Get More Respect, Part 1

Most teachers feel that their profession does not get the respect it deserves. In 2000 a survey of teachers conducted by Scholastic reported that 79% felt that respect for the profession is a problem in teacher retention. I don’t think much has changed since 2000.

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LBJ & Gene Simmons of Kiss? (Ten Teachers Who Made a Mark in Another Field)

Everyone is concerned about the number of teachers leaving the profession. These ten individuals left teaching and went on to achieve greatness in their chosen fields. For some, you might think it possible that they would have done still more good remaining in the classroom. For others (#1, #9) most would agree that it’s just as well that students learned from someone else.

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Impatience with Bad Teaching

I am sick to death of all the people who come here and say they’re going to make this school better but nothing happens. It’s a disgrace.”

That’s what a young woman said to me the other day as I sat with her in her art class.

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Patnership Lists Geography as a Critical 21st Century skill

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A report from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills addresses the need for new competencies among American students, highlighting geography and geographic themes such as global awareness, social and cross-cultural skills, and civic literacy. The Partnership proposes a solution with (surprise, surprise) educational reform.