Magic studio

“Magic Studio enables you to build and share interactive learning resources quickly and easily, with no specialist skills required. It’s an online service so you don’t have to install any complicated software – you can access your account from anywhere with a broadband connection. This means you can prepare content when and where it’s convenient and have the flexibility to deliver learning wherever it’s needed, both in and outside the classroom.”

How Teachers Can Get More Respect, Part 1

Most teachers feel that their profession does not get the respect it deserves. In 2000 a survey of teachers conducted by Scholastic reported that 79% felt that respect for the profession is a problem in teacher retention. I don’t think much has changed since 2000.

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Interactive online games for kids and students

A collection of educational free interactive computer based for students.

Ideas for using powerpoint in the classroom
Also templates

Fair trade for all education kit

This resource is suitable for students aged 10 – 13 years of age and covers topics such as world trade, coffee trade, cocoa trade and sweatshops.

Discovery Channel – Space

This website has a collection of information on outer space. Including an interactive game, information on our solar system, space exploration and comets, meteors and asteroids.

2 fruits and 5 vegetables – Kids only

This website outlines the benefits of fruit and vegetables, suggests ways of increasing fruit and vegetable intake and provides easy recipes. The Kids Only section provides activities designated lower primary, middle primary, and upper primary.

ABS brings data to life in the classroom

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has launched a new set of web pages designed for use by both teachers and students. Developed by the Education Services unit within the ABS, these new pages aim to assist educators to bring data and statistics to life in the classroom. The pages offer a range of learning resources, including classroom activities, games, professional development materials and specially selected ABS publications.

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Teachers urged to save voice with a mic

Teachers are being advised to use microphones, loudspeakers, and other techniques to save their vocal cords. A team of scientists issued the recommendations after a study… Full Story

Welcome to Basin Kids

A component of the Murray Darling Basin Commission website, this section allows students and teachers to explore issues and facts relating to the area. Online content includes a quiz, puzzles, teachers’ guide, specific background information and details on the recent native fish strategy.