NASA: Rocket Activities

There are many things in this world that are described as not being as difficult as rocket science. Then, of course, there is the actual science behind rockets. Understandably, this can be difficult for budding space scientists to grasp. Fortunately, NASA has created these fun and interactive activities which relate both to the science and math of rocketry. These particular activities are taken from the “Rocket Educators Guide”, and they include activities related to altitude tracking, the world of pinwheels, balloon staging, and of course the construction of an actual paper rocket. Each activity comes complete with instructions, diagrams, and information on the necessary materials. Taken as a whole, these activities could be equally fun whether outside on a brisk fall day as in a classroom setting
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NASA images to be archived online

NEW YORK – NASA’s images from the Apollo moon landings, the Voyager planetary flybys and the many space shuttle missions will be accessible through a central, searchable Web site under a partnership between the space agency and the nonprofit Internet Archive. Read on …

Free Resources: Teaching Tools from the National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum offers a variety of classroom resources, including online activities and teaching materials, designed for use in learning across the curriculum.
The museum’s online activities include:
-Airplane Anatomy – A curriculum program focused on the Wright brothers and the first airplane.
-Black Wings – A curriculum program built around the stories of African-American aviation pioneers.
-CyberCenter – A simulated research center at the National Air and Space Museum. Students can try on the role of an intern (level one), a research assistant (level two) and a principal investigator (level three).
-Geography from Space – An online quiz that tests geography knowledge. The Geography from Space 2007 contest begins in the fall.
The Air and Space Museum also offers electronic field trips available via the Apple Learning Exchange, interactive videoconferenced lessons and professional development workshops.
In addition, free posters and classroom materials are available online.
National Air and Space Museum,