Halloween activities

Random House has a wonderful downloadable printable set of activities for Halloween.

Make Baby Mouse cupcakes (they include pumpkin!)
Colour in Thomas the Tank Engine and some pumpkins
and follow the maze to Tick or Treat


Safe And Easy Homemade Face Paint For Kids

Photo: left-hand / Flickr
The easiest Halloween costumes are, hands down, face-painted ones. With minimal effort, you can have a magical evening and spend very little. Purchase a few make-up basics to go along with these homemade staples and you’re on your way to having the scariest monster in town. No professional techniques required!

=> http://bit.ly/cRSaJc

Halloween Safety Tips for your Trick or Treaters

October is Crime Prevention Month so the National Crime Prevention Council has several initiatives going on to help cut down on crime. Halloween is one of those nights – mischief, drinking and parties can all lead to bad things happening.
Here are a few tips from the NCPC (www.ncpc.org) for the younger crowd to help keep the night safer for them and a more positive, fun experience

Monster Cupcakes for Halloween

Make fun monster cupcakes for your Halloween party. Start with basic cupcakes and follow our step-by-step decorating instructions.

Resources for Halloween

Looking for lesson plans and resources for Halloween? I’ve just put together a page for you. You can check it out here. http://www.consultpivotal.com/halloween_teachers.htm

The is also a list of books and poems to share, and a page of activities to support fiction about Halloween.

Follow the links from those pages for ideas for costumes, parties, craft activities and colouring pages.