GIS and Geographic Inquiry

“Geospatial” technologies–which include geographic information system (GIS), global positioning system (GPS), and remote sensing (RS) tools–are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. These technologies use “smart” maps that can display, query, and analyze geographic databases; receivers that provide location and navigation; and global-to-local imagery and tools that provide context and analysis.

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My Wonderful World

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National Geographic has been keeping tabs on the geographic literacy of Americans young and old for decades.

Some of their findings are a bit depressing, but they’ve always believed in well-thought out outreach programs, and this website is just one such program. The “My Wonderful World” site is intended for young people, but anyone will benefit from the numerous interactive activities, quizzes, and such offered here.

Visitors can start by taking the National Geographic Roper Survey, and then take a look through the “Games & Cool Stuff” area. Here, they can take a look through the world of map “mashups”, learn about wayfaring, and even take an aural trip around the globe.

Additionally, there are sections designed specifically for parents, educators, and teens. Overall, it’s a delight and for those yet unconverted to the importance of geography, this site will likely win over a new cadre of budding geographers.

Find latitude and longitude

An online tool to locate latitude and longitude of specific destinations. A useful tool to use with online maps.

Cities Around the World

“over 6,100 photographic images from the slide collections of the American Geographical Society Library.” Search, or browse by city or country, by Views, Architecture, City and Town Life, by People, or by the 100 cities with the most photos.

Rand McNally delivers fee-based geography content online

Rand McNally recently launched a new web-based service to deliver comprehensive geography content, interactive games and activities, and skills-based lesson plans for teachers.

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