Comics across the Curriculum: Science, Math and Technology

The combination of images, words and storytelling can be used to communicate just about anything. Exploring that notion, we spoke to cartoonists, authors and educators about how comics and graphic novels can be used to help readers learn and foster an enduring curiosity about science, technology and math. (full story)

Periodic table of comic books
“Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element,” then click on thumbnails to see the whole strip. Another wonderfully sneaky way to interest kids in science.

Comics, Power and Society:

Q and A with Louis Schubert and Arthur Nishimura

At the City College of San Francisco, two professors have employed their enthusiasm for comics in an innovative approach to teaching. In their course Comics, Power and Society, Arthur Nishimura and Louis Schubert use a variety of comics and graphic novels as a creative and engaging way to introduce students to the social sciences. We were fortunate to get an interview with Schubert and Nishimura about how they use graphic novels and comics in this course. (full story)

BECTA approval for comic-strip learning

BECTA, the Government agency supporting UK education departments in their strategic ICT developments, has approved the use of interactive comic-strip software program, Storywriter Toolkit.

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