National Geographic animal photo galleries

This collection of photographs of animals around the world includes birds, some insects, spiders, land mammals e.g. bears and apes, reptiles, underwater animals, and some habitats.

Parents, kids don’t see need for math, science skills

With lawmakers and school leaders alike stressing the importance of math, science, and technology (MST) education in preparing students for 21st-century jobs and careers, one might… Full Story

Converged Wireless

Two technology trends that have been taking place separately in K-12 and higher-education institutions across the country are now beginning to come together: (1) the proliferation of wireless networks, and (2) the convergence of voice, video, and data on a single network infrastructure…. Full Story

Top 10 Social Skills Students Need to Succeed

Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic and… good manners? Researchers have found that 10 basic social skills such as taking turns, listening and simply being nice are just as important to children’s academic success as the subjects they study, and that students can and should be learning these skills in the classroom.

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Teachers urged to save voice with a mic

Teachers are being advised to use microphones, loudspeakers, and other techniques to save their vocal cords. A team of scientists issued the recommendations after a study… Full Story

Visiting the Museum: Activities to download and print out

This page from the Australian Museum Online presents a range of activity sheets and booklets for young children on the topics of: thylacine or Tasmanian tiger, marsupial lion, dinosaurs, frog, skull, bird, bone, fish, fairy penguin, bug with wings, freshwater habitat, mangrove habitat, scorpion. Activities include colouring in, dot-to-dot, cut out and make, make a booklet, picture spinners.

My Wonderful World

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National Geographic has been keeping tabs on the geographic literacy of Americans young and old for decades.

Some of their findings are a bit depressing, but they’ve always believed in well-thought out outreach programs, and this website is just one such program. The “My Wonderful World” site is intended for young people, but anyone will benefit from the numerous interactive activities, quizzes, and such offered here.

Visitors can start by taking the National Geographic Roper Survey, and then take a look through the “Games & Cool Stuff” area. Here, they can take a look through the world of map “mashups”, learn about wayfaring, and even take an aural trip around the globe.

Additionally, there are sections designed specifically for parents, educators, and teens. Overall, it’s a delight and for those yet unconverted to the importance of geography, this site will likely win over a new cadre of budding geographers.