Traditional children’s games from around the world

Discover how children from Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Germany, and many other countries play different versions of the same traditional games such as jump rope, marbles, tag, top spinning, hopscotch, jacks, and card games. It includes games for toddlers.

National Autism Awareness Month: Helping Children With Autism Learn

April is National Autism Awareness Month and the OUPblog is sharing excerpts from two different, but equally useful books.

Japanese cultural celebrations photo gallery

A collection of Japanese cultural celebration photographs: tea ceremony, lion dancers, Obon dancers, Obon Festival etc.

Japanese Crafts and activities
This page on Japanese crafts for kids provides ideas for simple crafts with things found around the house. Included are: Japanese doll, miniature Japanese garden, hanging fish and simple origami projects.

Art and life in Africa
This site contains a database of 47 lesson plans created by the Art and Life in Africa Project Teachers’ Forum related to Art, French, Music, Science, Social Studies/World Culture. A selection graded ‘Elementary’ are suitable for primary school.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation exists to develop life-long healthier and happier eating habits in a new generation of Australians by engaging them in growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing delicious and healthy food at primary school.

War and identity – education

The Anzac Day Commemoration Committee has constructed this site to help with teaching about Australia’s military history and heritage. It includes an interactive component which are categorised into age appropriate levels.

Australian state bans YouTube in schools reports that Victoria, Australia’s second-most populous state, has banned YouTube from its 1,600 government schools in an effort to combat cyber-bullying.

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Flash earth

Flash Earth allows you to switch between any of 8 different mapping
sites, including Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo!, Ask, OpenLayers, and NASA.