2007 is…

2007 …
United Nations Environment Programme: Billion Tree Campaign

The billion tree campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of trees
in all cultures and how forests provide environmental protection.

Chinese Year of the Boar

International Heliophysical year

International Year of Rumi

2007 International decade of…

International decade for action – water for life, 2005 – 2015

United Nations International decade for the culture of peace
and non-violence for the children of the world 2001-2010

United Nations literacy decade 2003-2012

United Nations decade for education for sustainable development

United Nations decade to roll back malaria 2001-2010

Homework, the tip of the iceberg

[Via Stephen Downes]

Witnessing the effects of six hours of homework after a six hour school day has had my mind churning so much that I cannot sleep. Consider this an open letter to the New Brunswick Department of Education and all educators.

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Boosting intelligence among poor is child’s play

Giving pre-school children toys to play with boosts their mental development even if they suffer from malnutrition, a report said on Friday.

The report, published in the Lancet medical journal, said several studies had found a clear link between intelligence and child’s play
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Embracing Technology in the Classroom: One Professor’s Story

By Chris Procello

Laurel Amtower, professor of English and comparative literature, was becoming concerned about how to reach her students. Each semester her classes became larger, and, correspondingly, students were banking on their anonymity. Class attendance had become more sporadic and a good portion of her students sat in the back of her classes, not engaged. Assigned papers were seen as hurdles where students saw no connection between what they were being asked to do and what skills they are supposed to gain as a result of the class.

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Targeted teaching of civics and citizenship needed

Formal education in civics and citizenship is urgently required if Australian students are to increase their familiarity with key historical civic events…

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Schools to face national standard

PARENTS can expect a national school curriculum regardless of which party wins this year’s federal election after the Labor leader, Kevin Rudd, joined the Coalition in pushing states and territories to set common standards.

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Gaming advances as a learning tool

This article from America gives teachers ideas on how to capture the interest of
‘digital natives’ by using games in the classroom.

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Sharing the enthusiasm

From Harold Jarche

As a learning professional, it’s time to take a stance. Enabling learning is no longer about disseminating good content. Enabling learning is about being a learner yourself, sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and then taking a

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BBC Plans Online Children’s World

A “safe, secure” virtual world which children can inhabit and interact with is being planned by the BBC in England.
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Some thoughts about school 2.0

From Chris Lehmann

It’s really not about the computers. School 2.0 is older than that. School 2.0 is the tradition of Dewey. School 2.0 is born out of the idea that active, engaged, constructivist learning will lead to active, engaged students and people.It’s about the pedagogy.Too much educational software just attempts to turn these really powerful devices into the next version of the workbook. That’s criminal.Computers and internet technology should allow us create, to communicate and to research.

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