New solution for video: A client-free player

A Libertyville, Ill., company known as Video Furnace has developed a solution for distributing video over an internet-protocol (IP) network that eliminates the need for a desktop media player. Article continues

BLC ’06–Register Now!

I know it’s still almost nine months away, but I’m already going to put in a plug for what I think is the best educational conference of the year, Alan November’s Building Learning Communities. A couple of disclaimers: Alan has become a good friend of mine, and I’m scheduled to do a day-long Read/Write Web workshop as a preconference. But having said that, even if I wasn’t involved, I’d already be registered to attend. It’s three days of really getting to know educators from around the world, and making connections with people who can become not only good resources but good friends. Read the whole post

9 Planets? 12? What’s a Planet, Anyway?

Trolling for definitions in a 21st-century solar system.

Students learn of simple machine power

In the midst of nationwide concerns over high oil and heating costs, Chambersburg Area Senior High School students are getting valuable lessons about energy.
CASHS technology teacher Raymond Setaro is exposing students to various forms of energy and electricity in his power and energy course, offered once each semester in the school’s technology education department.

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