Internet popups on your home computer

What are Pop Ups?

There are a number of different types of pop ups but generally pop ups are small windows that appear in an Internet browser when you or your family is using the World Wide Web.

Pop ups can be grouped as:

Browser pop ups. These are the pop ups that appear when you are looking at web pages. They often contain advertising or inappropriate content.

  • Browser pop unders. Windows generated underneath the current web page you are viewing and appear after you start closing down the windows in the foreground.
  • Messenger Service advertisements. These windows appear like real system messages generated by your own computer. They may be seen if you are using Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Spyware generated pop ups. Pop ups created by malicious computer programs or spyware installed on your computer.
  • Pop ups can start appearing for a variety of reasons such as when something like a link or picture on a web page is clicked on or you move your mouse over a hidden trigger for example.

    There are some pop ups, however, that are legitimate and are used for meaningful purposes in some websites.

    What are the Dangers of Pop Ups?

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